Health comes first!

DECEMBER 03, 2019

Hello, everyone! This is raspy-voice Shusui.
It has been so long since I last updated my blog. How did your 2019 go?
I have to say that mine was challenging due to my physical conditions. Right after my 43rd birthday on January 30th, I was rushed to the hospital having 40 degree high fever to find that I had considerable inflammation in my kidney, liver and prostate, but it was only the beginning of the series of medical visits that I made throughout the year…

2019 was such a blessed year to celebrate canna’s memorial show for 20th anniversary of debut and Mariya Takeuchi’s appearance in NHK special show “Music & Life” to celebrate her 40th anniversary of debut, so I must have pushed myself too hard.
I was urgently hospitalized right after the emergency visit and put on IV and anti-biotics for the entire week. I had to wait in the hospital bed for 2 weeks until I was finally given a doctor’s permission to commute my work from the hospital for just a few hours a day. By the time I was released to return to my home, flu started to attack my girls one by one, so I had to stay in a nearby hotel to keep myself away from my family and my home, because my immune system was too weak to fight with flu.

My challenging journey continues as I finally decided to get a check up on my throat to find I have a vocal polyp… I have to admit that I was in low spirits as the fear of losing my voice to sing, create melody, and talk to communicate with people took over me.

However, the huge support and the warm words of kindness really cheered me up. I made to put out the canna show with Tani-chan in February, April and December 1st to meet with so many fans who came from far to support us.
Thank you very much everyone!
By singing and celebrating the 20th anniversary with Tani-chan, I came to a realization that playing with Tani-can as canna is my home. It has been such a privilege to work with Tani-chan, my best partner, and to receive huge support from all cannas fans.



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Although I had days to go until my full recovery, I attended Mariya Takeuchi to Stockholm, my second home, in early March. It became incredibly rejuvenating experience for me. We visited one of my best friends I admire, the music producer and songwriter Anders Dannvik who helped in arranging “Baby Mine” from the Disney movie “Dumbo”. We shot B-rolls in the snowy city of Stockholm, and had fun time having great meals with everyone. The shooting went very well and the days in Stockholm gave me great opportunity to co-write with Anders and to recharge myself as a songwriter as well as a human being.

Thanks to everyone, both Mariya Takeuchi’s special show on NHK and the Disney movie “Dumbo”, which was made into an action movie by Tim Burton, were highly rated. I spent as much time as possible with my family during summer to focus on getting well rested and enjoying the small family trip that we made.

October was exciting month to celebrate the 5th anniversary of bayfm radio show “Ashita no Ongaku / Music for tomorrow” that I started hosting with Yukie Sone in 2015. Trying to make an album matching the 30th anniversary of bayfm radio station in October, we started in summer to putting the original songs that we had produced for the show during the last 4 years with Yukie Sone and our “Ashita no Ongaku” family . Please allow me to make a list of the songs here:
- LOVE OUR BAY: Written being inspired by the bayfm’s station message
- LOVE OUR FUTURE: Charity song featuring local and international artists
- CATCH THE DREAM: Featuring the program listeners
- CATCH THE DREAM DJ Gomi Remix: Remixed version by DJ.Gomi, a.k.a. my wife in NY
- Bokura no Hana: Featuring Yasunori Tsunakawa, the first in Japan visually impaired professional flutist
- Kusuriyubi no Yakusoku: Featuring Taro Masuda, visually impaired violinist I admire
- Ashita mo Asatte mo: Featuring Yota Miyazato, phenomenal saxophone player from Tatsuro Yamashita’s band
- Life is Beautiful: Cheering song
- Akebono Gakuen: Song for Akebono Gakuen whom I met at my Ikuon volunteer show. Supported by Yukie Sone
- DREAMS are FOREVER: Dedicated to the victims of the typhoon and torrential rain in Chiba. Featuring beautiful string quartet lead by Mamiko Amamiya

Accompanied by Yukie Sone and my liner notes written for each song, this album includes, but not limited to, our love for and memory with the artists, musicians and their friends, and my daughters’ friends and their families. Thanks to SUSHI KOSUGI’s arrangement, my relative in NY, mastering was done by Dave Darlington, the engineer from NY who is well known for the work with MISIA in Japan, and our work was successfully brought up to the next level to become a state of art pop-album. This is small, but is my way to cheer up the people in Chiba with the words and music, and to show appreciation to bayfm radio station.

Had I not met Yukie Sone, this album would not exist. The great chemistry between her, miraculous meet of my musical taste and hers, and the common passion to create a “super-generating-one-and-only music show” are the core of this album. I hope you enjoy this album in addition to enjoying our regular show of “Ashita no Ongaku” that airs every Sunday night at 8:30 pm!

Shusui & Yukie Sone bayfm ~LOVE OUR BAY , LOVE OUR FUTURE~
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BAY FM 78 Time table for November

Grutto Chiba

With Yukie Sone, I was able to collaborate again with the college students of Meikai University matching the timing of the release of the CD. I also did One Day on bayfm for the first time in my life, took an interview for the magazine Grutto Chiba and BAYFM78 Timetable with her, and received opportunities to hand out the CDs as our “sound producing business card” to the guests, staffs and partners of our show. I am truly grateful of meeting her, sharing the same joy of music, and hosting the show which now became my irreplaceable lifework.

Unfortunately the vocal polyp has returned due to the heavy use of my voice, however, I promise my soonest full recovery after the polyp removal surgery scheduled in early January 2020.

My calendar for 2019 was filled with lots of celebration; I joined the project team for Mariya Takeuchi, who marked 40th anniversary of her debut, to witness her theater show, release of the Disney movie “Dumbo”, appearance in NHK special show “Music & Life” and triple album collection “Turntable”. Meanwhile I joined the production committee of the movie “The Bucket Life” starring Sayuri Yoshinaga and Yuki Amami, released the title song “Tabi no Tsuzuki”, and got to celebrate Mariya Takeuchi’s first appearance in “The 70th NHK Red and White Singing Festival”. These became my growing experiences.

Then again, however, I learned the hard way that managing the work volume against my health is extremely important. In the hospital bed I spent thinking about my family, how to engage with music, balancing the amount of work between background work and my career work as an artist, and my future. In the end my anxiety was replaced by a firm realization that this hard time was teaching me the importance of stop running once and look around myself. I stop trying to think that I am still a young man and start managing my health to not to cause everybody worry or inconvenience.

While my calendar is filled with activities such as once-a-week personal physical training, Shamisen lessons, Ikuon volunteer activities, responsibilities as a guest professor at Tokyo College of Music, producer work, songwriting, artist work as canna, background work as a staff, production of the new music book/CD “Churaumi no Sango”, parenting and household chores. These are my responsibilities, but are also my dreams, and I have more dreams for the future. While keeping an eye on my health, I’d like to do my best towards my dreams.

Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games are coming up in 2020. I am wishing you all an amazing year.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!